Become an Ambassador

Become an Ambassador

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Do you like to take care of yourself but you also like to make ends meet? Do you have good interpersonal skills or are you a social influencer (Instagram, blog, YouTube,…) or a beauty professional (hairdresser, beautician…)?

You are ready to sincerely talk about it with those around you, your loved ones, your customers and your readers / followers. To be a good ambassador, you have to believe in Satine Hair and our products. So if this is your case, join our “ambassador program” by sending us your application!


Conquered by Satine hair products, I decided to publish a few videos on social networks and quickly realized the impact. Thank you to Satine Hair for their customer service which is of quality



Thanks to your affiliate link, start now to generate sales and generate a 10% commission on sales made.

Up to 15% / straighteners

With the ambassador program, the more you sell, the more you earn: be active and generate sales to see your sales rate increase.

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Boost your sales with the help of our advice, be informed of commercial operations!